Living Ai’s Emo Pet Robot Update

EMO is a cute desktop pet equipped with artificial intelligence, ideas and plenty of personalities thanks to a wealth of sensors and unique technologies. Equipped with a wide-angle camera, optical drop sensors, a far-field microphone array and a neural network processor to name just a few of its features, the small robot is capable of reacting to you with realistic emotions and actions. With more than 10 advanced internal sensors, Emo knows what’s going on around him and includes an integrated voice assistant.

Living Ai’s Emo Pet Robot Update-Firmware 1.3.0! In this new update, Emo now can recognize itself in the mirror, interact with other EMO Desktop robots, and even see and interact with you! Some new features have also been added to the EMO pet app.

Another firmware update for EMO and an App update at the same time. Living Al is busy working on EMO and adding new animations and features. You can now play Tic Tac Toe with your robot friend and you can even give him your last name! This is very cool. EMO will even lose on purpose sometimes to give you a chance to win at the new Tic Tac Toe game! Finally, EMO can now roll a dice and choose a lucky fruit.

As said by experts, “Emo is inquisitive about the world around him. He moves independently to explore his surroundings on his own. He tracks sounds, recognizes people (up to 10 people) and objects and expertly navigates your desktop without ever falling off.”

Experts also say that, Emo is “Built with multiple sensors and cutting-edge techs, Emo is a cool desktop AI robot pet with characters that can self-explore the world and react to you with 1000+ faces and movements. Like a loyal companion, Emo cheers you up with music, dance movements, and online games! Emo is also a great helper that wakes you up, turns on the light, takes pictures and answers your questions, for a truly life-like pet on your desktop!”

Tips to grow organically in Social Media

Nowadays people are keen to set up their businesses. But setting up an entire business isn’t an easy game. It can be time-consuming, costly, and difficult to create an unforgettable identity in this huge world of businesses. Some of us think that the work is done once the business is up and running. No, it’s not the end, because it should have the ability to grow to shine in this business world.

They say, “Once you start the journey, you will understand the stairs are waiting for you.” Going digital is a stair to achieving success in the business world. You can see previously social media platforms were used to be a way to connect with people, but nowadays it has become the new future of businesses. Utilizing social media platforms is an effective strategy to grow your business. 

What is Organic Social Media?

While paid social is a social media activity that demands money, at the same time organic social media refers to any activity on social media without any kind of paid promotion. Organic social media connects you with your existing audience.

Organic social media offers a slow and steady but less risky growth to the business. In organic social media platforms, you can develop unique products that help you to gather more traffic to your website. It may lead to profit by engaging your target audiences, boosting your SEO, increasing brand loyalty, improving customer care, and so forth. 

Some Tips to Grow Organically on Social Media

The followings are some tips to grow your business organically on social media: 

  • All your efforts may go in vain if you can’t choose the right place to focus. That’s why you need to select a social channel as per your audience. Simply ask your best customers which social media platform they often use by calling them to know how they are doing or by sending an email.


  • To be a social media rock star, you need to optimize your social media platforms properly by knowing ins and outs of these platforms. Here are some SEO tactics to generate more traffic to your page:
  • Make a unique and easy-to-remember username.
      • Choose a recognizable brand logo.
      • Post descriptions that are keyword rich. 
      • Use a trackable link that connects the page with your website.


  • Creating evergreen content can help you to connect with more people on social media. It may be harder to do but have a varied lifespan. One condition to gather more customers on social media is to post engaging content.
  • Sometimes smart work helps you to bring more fruits than hard work. Here on social media platforms, smart work is the key to success. For example, if we talk about Facebook, they have clearly said that the newsfeed displays only 300 relevant posts to increase engagement. That means frequently posting isn’t the key here. In social media, quality matters more than quantity. Posting relevant and high-quality contents increase the organic reach of your website. 
  • Creating groups on social media to promote businesses is a great way to build brand loyalty and attract people.  

What are you waiting for? Choose the best way to earn profit with organic social media. To know more visit our official profile or drop us a mail. At MG Web Corporation, we have taken the oath to provide you with the best expert guidance that helps to turn your business into a brand. 

Say hello to Apple’s 13-inch Macbook Pro with an M2 chip.

Say hello to Apple’s baffling computer, the 13-inch MacBook Pro with an M2 chip.

The New Macbook Pro 13 inch is with a whole new design, and a bigger screen and it looks so much more modern. This MacBook Pro seems like a relic from another era.

Apple claims that the 13-inch Macbook Pro is one of the best-selling computers they have. The 13-inch MacBook Pro has an aluminium unibody case, which makes it very very attractive and far better than any other PC. It got a brilliant Retina display, a FaceTime HD camera and got studio-quality mics. Absolutely amazing, you need to get a hand on this.

Also Apple’s New M2 MacBook Pro is now ready for pre-order and got released on June 17, with deliveries and in-store availability to follow from June 24.

The 13-inch 2022 MacBook Pro with M2 is a very curious device. You’ll get a new generation chip and all the added support longevity that comes with it, but it’s trapped in a chassis design that was starting to look a bit aged when the M1 chip generation first made its debut.


The features included the following :

  • It’s up to 1.4x faster than the M1 model²
  • It’s up to 6x faster than the Intel-based model²
  • It got up to 20 hours of battery life¹
  • M2 is bringing more power as compared to M1
  • With 60hz screen, wide bezel & 2 ports
  • Blazing fast performance with active cooling, due to which you can run CPU & GPU intensive tasks for hours

For final words, this 13-inch Macbook Pro M2 is so advanced that it is compelling everyone to think what MacBook 14, 15, 16 are gonna be like. It’s expected to have more advanced, more sleek, more modern, with immense features in build for great user experience.

Instagram has transformed itself from a photo & selfie sharing app to a full-fledged marketing channel/platform

When Instagram first came in 2010, it was just like Facebook, Orkut or any other social media platform, where you could connect with people globally, and upload selfies, pets & foods. But Let’s fast forward to 2022, what’s the scene now?

The game has changed. Instagram has transformed itself from a photo and selfie sharing app to a full-fledged marketing channel/platform where you can do “BUSINESS”.

Can my business benefit from Instagram?

First of all, it’s a SUPER YES. Instagram is such a unique platform which is low in cost and high in effect. 

Due to its huge user database, you can easily increase your business or brand awareness. 

The platform requires patience & consistency.

  • Gathering followers needs good content creation.
  • Gathering likes need good visual graphics.
  • Gathering saves need useful and informative pieces
  • Gathering shares need quirky and light content/memes

This is not magic!!

Keeping a follow check on these regularly and continuing to post about your products/services will never let you down.

One fine day you’ll realise Instagram’s algorithm is pushing your content to various users.

Why Instagram Marketing is so effective?

It’s just because of :

  • Instagram format
  • Visual nature
  • Massive opportunities
  • Interesting features
  • Huge user database
  • Instagram’s bang on Algorithm

What do various studies say about Instagram?

  1. With 55.8% of social networking in the USA, Instagram has already become one of the most used sites.
  2. Instagram has created increasing website traffic & SEO rankings.
  3. Approximately 80% of marketers or digital marketing experts claim to have increased website traffic with an active presence
  4. 73% of adults, who stay online, visit various product websites.
  5. 80% of lead generation cost is saved with social media advertising.
  6. 72% of purchase decisions are made by Instagram users after seeing something on Instagram.
  7. Most searched categories on Instagram are clothings, makeups, shoes & jewelleries.

How Instagram Marketing depends on Instagram Algorithm?

Did you ever go like, “aarrgghhh!! the ever-mysterious algorithm” 🙁 In 2016, Instagram replaced the chronological feed with the Instagram algorithm. This announcement couldn’t bring out any fire at the very first. Then why did Instagram switch to an algorithm from a chronological feed? Size matters, when Instagram became popular, it was becoming very hard to keep up with the photos and videos people share. People use to miss 70% of feed when it was in chronological order. But when the Instagram algorithm came into the scene, it started re-organising people’s feeds with content which is relevant to them.

Let’s say you searched about makeup tutorials or sports bikes on the explore page. You liked them or followed them. You’ll notice your whole explore page has makeup tutorial videos or sports bike videos. Instagram automatically guessed your content taste and starts re-organising your feed with makeup tutorials or sports bikes. Instagram thinks you’ll like these posts as well, and in most cases, it works. But it’s very hard to say what kind of contents Instagram will prioritize according to the algorithm as it’s always changing.

It’s hard, but it’s not difficult.

As a business, follow these few factors, that can take your business to heights with the Instagram algorithm :

  1. Interest
  2. Timeliness
  3. Relationships/Community Building
  4. Frequency
  5. Following
  6. Usage

MG can help you with Instagram Marketing

We can understand that without expert guidance, it’s a bit hard to understand what’s best for your business and how you can turn your business into profits with Instagram marketing. There’s nothing to panic about, MG Web Corporation is always by your side to give you expert guidance to transform your business into a big BRAND.

If you want to grow your business through Instagram, drop us a mail now!

Digital Marketing : Importance & benefits to your business in 2022

The most lucrative business going on for the past couple of decades is Digital Marketing.

Marketing in itself has always been about connecting with your targeted audience at the right time & right place. But any form of marketing which is done online is called Digital Marketing.

Would you believe that the number of people using the internet and going online is increasing every single day?

So Digital Marketing plays a very important role for businesses in creating brand awareness.

And it could be done through

  • Website
  • Social media
  • Ad strategy
  • And much more

Why is Digital Marketing Important?

Digital contents, strategies, and social presence are the very primary things a person goes through to know more about that particular brand. Traditional methods or ideas are great but in 2022 it’s high time to shift to modern-day digital marketing and its strategies.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

  1. Detailed focus with less communication & more outputs
  2. The best cost-effective way to bring your brand online by
  3. Forget outbound marketing methods
  4. Digital Marketing is measurable
  5. Easier to adapt & change
  6. Improves conversion rate
  7. Engage the audience at every step

Opportunity from Competitor Lifecycle

  • SWOT Analysis : At every step, a digital marketing agency should continue its SWOT Analysis(Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat). This means while you’re delivering to your clients, it’s important not to forget your place and your value. If you analyse your Strength, Weakness, Opportunity & Threats, it becomes easy to figure out how to stay further ahead of your competitors. Because every single day some other new agency is emerging with new techniques to compete with existing digital agencies. So SWOT Analysis can be an answer to competition.
  • RACE Framework : RACE Framework is a very smart tool with which digital marketers and agencies can track their growth process. The online competition is fierce and to win, you need a solid plan, where you can manage & optimize your digital channels against your targeted competitors. Following is the RACE Framework :
    • Plan
    • Reach
    • Act
    • Convert
    • Engage

These could be further breakdown into small and simple steps

      1. Exploration
      2. Decision Making
      3. Purchase
      4. Advocacy

These all will help in either Targeting or Retargeting or Positioning or Repositioning your brand against the competitor.

Trends to take advantage from

  • Metaverse : Facebook is betting big on this future web. There’s a huge space & opportunity for the marketers to grow in this space. Instagram’s newest feature updates are beneficial for small businesses.
  • Influencers B2B & B2C : Influencers are growing & so is Influencer Marketing. The Influencer Marketing segment has already reached $13.8 billion in 2021, and from then it is growing rapidly. Endorsing with Influencers provides relevance to the context and increases the genuineness of the product.
  • Bring a more strategic approach : In this ever-changing state of the world, it is very important to stay with the trend and come out with a more strategic approach every time. 
  • LinkedIn & its growth : The best way to game up the digital game is to build strong networking and connections.
  • SEO : As search algorithms are becoming smarter, marketers and agencies need to focus more time on understanding the algorithms of traffic. 

Final Words

Healthy competition is always great, but don’t forget the roots and your foundation while competing with your competitors. Every content should make sense. And the must golden line to remember is Less is More. The competition is high but digital agencies should always focus on their growth. The growth of the company, relationship with employees and clients, and 24*7 assistance to your clients always gain credibility.

MG Web Corporation is a new-age digital agency which is beautifully fulfilling every criterion in becoming one of the best digital marketing agencies globally. We take care of your foundation and roots, that even if the competition is high there shouldn’t be any compromise with quality. If you want to upscale your business, we can help you with all the latest research, trends and technologies for YOUR BRAND’S best GROWTH.

Finally, the oldest browser retires after 27 years of serving the Earth

Finally, the oldest browser retires after 27 years of serving the Earth

MG Web Corporation is paying tribute to Internet Explorer, a very legendary web browser which is finally getting retired today. This web browser was launched in 1995 and after 27 years it’s getting retired. Internet Explorer will stay alive in the Edge browser because you can use IE Compatibility mode and surf old websites easily that are made for Internet Explorer.

Microsoft preparing to shut down Internet Explorer after 27 years from 15th June. Tech giant Microsoft has finally announced the retirement of its oldest browser, Internet Explorer. After 27 years of service, the app is set to retire in peace this week. Internet Explorer was first released in 1995 as an add-on package for Windows 95. Later, Microsoft started providing it for free as part of the package. Sharing the latest update, Microsoft said that Internet Explorer will be rendered inoperable from June 15 The browser reached a peak of 95% usage in 2003, but it was unable to maintain its position, and the user base began to decline dramatically. Many competitors entered the browser market and began offering better user interfaces, faster internet speeds, and smoother performance. It appears that Internet Explorer was unable to keep up with the competition, and it has gradually devolved into nothing more than a default explorer used to install other browsers.

Sean Lyndersay, Microsoft Edge Program Manager, stated that “the future of Internet Explorer on Windows 10 lies in Microsoft Edge.” “Not only is Microsoft Edge a quicker, more secure, and more contemporary browsing experience than Internet Explorer, but it also addresses a crucial concern: compatibility for older, legacy websites and applications,”

Microsoft halted new browser feature development in 2016, and this may be the first time the tech giant has decided to phase out Internet Explorer. Netizens said they were feeling kinda nostalgic after the news broke out.

Xiaomi Pad 6 series is about to get launched in July or August

Introducing #TechThursday

#xiaomi #xiaomipad6


In 2022,  Android tablets, for a modest amount of money, which offers everyone a user experience that is simply amazing in terms of its combination of qualities.

Absolutely everyone, without any doubt, will be satisfied with such a novelty, which will go on sale under the name Xiaomi Pad 6. This device has already been created, and its presentation and launch will start within the next 2 months.

It turned out that Xiaomi is going to release three modifications to the Pad 6. So, buyers are waiting for models such as Pad 6, Pad 6 Pro and Pad 6 Pro 5G.

All of these offer an amazing user experience for the latest advanced data technologies. The novelties will receive the latest MediaTek processors, while the most advanced model will be able to offer the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip. One of the key features of all three tablets will be a new OLED screen that will offer a refresh rate of 144 Hz.

The charging power, depending on the tablet modification purchased, will be from 67 W to 120 W, that is, even the most affordable configuration will be able to charge as quickly as possible, and therefore users are guaranteed to not have to wait for something too long. The new tablets will receive a metal and glass case, a USB Type-C interface, and at the same time stereo speakers that can provide extremely high sound quality. Right out of the box, all phones will have the Android 12 operating system installed in the form of MIUI 13 proprietary firmware. In the future, as soon as Android 13 is released, users will be able to install it as well, but as part of the MIUI 14 firmware.

Adding to the benefits and advancements, we know that the Xiaomi Pad 6 series is the successor of Pad 5 series.

It’s known for its great digital drawing capabilities. With its smooth glided pen, it makes everything easy, effortless and feather-like light. It could be assumed that Pad 6 is going to be terrific when it comes to the advancement of Digital drawings. People who are creative, and love to do doodling, caricature or graphic designing, will love this.

With the help of a few softwares like Adobe Illustrator Draw, Ibis Paint, Sketchbook by Autodesk, etc you can create beautiful graphic designing works with Xiaomi Pad 6 series.

Summing up the specifications of Pad 6 :

  1. It has 3 models each with unique colour
  2. QSQ Technology
  3. 5aG Band, SA/NSA
  4. Android 13 OS
  5. Chipset Snapdragon
  6. RAM – 6/8GB, Storage – 256/512GB
  7. Processor – CPU Octa-core
  8. Stylus Support (magnetic)
  9. Dual SIM, Nano-SIM
  10. Display – IPS LCD
  11. Resolution – 1600×2560 pixels
  12. Refresh Rate – 120 GHz
  13. Battery – 8720 mAH
  14. Dual Camera